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The Flight of the Alchemist – The Prologue

By M. H. Laskar

Copyright 2013 Mamshad Laskar

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Table of Contents

1. From Darkness

2. Short Beginnings

3. Late Workings

4. Ice and Fire


Blood red. The pools lapped feebly at the curtain of darkness, remnants of the dying sun. The curtain rose periodically to the beat of a figure masked in its anonymity. It offered him respite, to the resentment of the crowd that wished to drown him in their uproar, through their iron bars and through his, the latter much thicker. Perhaps it was as much for his sake that he was contained within them as it was for those without. For what he was capable of would be the end of many a tale. For what he was capable of is the beginning of this one.

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