Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot

Walter Koenig

Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords.

Copyright 2011 Walter Koenig


To . . .

Joe Dimaggio, Max Zaslofsky,

Wally Hergeshimer and

Bill Swiaki—my childhood.

I wish to thank . . .

My wife, Judy, whose unfailing support has made this book a reality;

George Clayton Johnson and Shimon Wincelberg for being its early champions;

Travis Adkins and Nicholas Grabowsky for remembering my work favorably;

Jacob Kier and A.P. Fuchs for having the faith and conviction to republish it.

And Leonard Nimoy who always comes through.


I wrote this story at a time when events seemed to be conspiring against me and I found myself teetering on the brink. However, when circumstances changed for the better and the crisis did not, I began to understand that teetering was less a consequence of a single traumatic episode and more a constant in my nature. With the realization that I was permanently thus impaired, the inevitability of it all took hold and I began to relax. Since relaxation is the key to balance, I was able to make an accommodation with my instability.

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