Everyone’s blood is red

by Oksana Vasilenko

Copyright Oksana Vasilenko 2011

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Part 1

Winter was coming and the nights were getting cold. She snuggled up against his warm body as close as she could—the bulging stomach was already getting in the way. The baby was due soon.

‘Ouch!’ she gasped and pressed his hand against her side. ‘It kicked me!’

He smiled.

‘I guess it’s getting a bit cramped inside.’ His hand stroked her stomach gently.

‘I’m scared,’ she whispered into his ear.

His fingers slid up her cheek and ruffled her hair.

‘For first-time mothers it’s natural to be scared. You’ll be okay,’ he whispered back, kissing her forehead.

‘I don’t mean that. I’m not scared for myself, I’m scared for the baby.’ Her voice broke and tears welled in her eyes.

His hand stroking her hair paused.

‘Are you not feeling well?’

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