Sixteen Assorted Doll Scarves: Extreme Vintage Knitting
with DMC Thread

By Danielle Hughes

Copyright 2013 Danielle Hughes

Smashwords Edition


DMC Cotton Embroidery Thread – see the list below for exact specifications

DMC #5 weight thread – see the list below and for each scarf for exact specifications

Size 2 (or smaller) needles - [I am still experimenting with gauge and what will work best for each scarf.]

The test swatches are in assorted fine weight threads and are to test my interpretation of the patterns. I will keep adding them as I go. I plan to knit at least a test sample for each in the actual thread with a specified order and rough length for the variable colors.

Here is a list of all the colors used. I have included photos of some of the colors as they are in my working notebooks for each scarf. I will try to get photos with more accurate color soon. As there is some duplication between scarves not all sections have all the colors shown.

Note: I use two sources in creating these designs. I used the Encyclopedia of Needlework by Th. De Dillmont and Self Instructor in Silk Knitting Crocheting and Embroidery Published by Belding Brothers and Co. as I was interested in period patterns, especially those that utilized DMC products.

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