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The Best Little Christmas Ever

by Linda Jordan

Copyright 2013 by Linda Jordan

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover photo by Viktorgladkov

Licensed by Dreamstime

Smashwords Edition

The Best Little Christmas Ever

It all started when Schewandalii, Schew for short, stopped in at a grungy looking convenience store on his way home from work. It was a long drive to and from Santa Barbara, so the Setagean Consulate hired a car service for some of its employees. Schew was lucky enough to qualify. The human driver sat in the car while Schew went inside for a giant grape sloppee and picked up a newspaper.

The cashier stared at him openly. Some humans were like that. They hadn’t seen enough aliens or perhaps they resented the contract the world governments had made with the Unity, the group of alien governments. Many humans, he knew, saw it as a take over. His people, from Setagea, saw it as a sharing of the universe’s resources. Earth was not meant just for humans alone.

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