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Bob Moore: No Hero

By Tom Andry

Published by Tom Andry at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Tom Andry

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An exciting excerpt from the full-length follow up to Bob Moore: No Hero is included at the end. In Bob Moore: Desperate Times, Bob finds himself working with his super-powered ex-wife to foil a terrorist plot. But a new super, the most powerful anyone has ever seen, arrives with catastrophic results. Can Bob, a Private Eye with no super powers, survive when so many supers have perished?

Chapter 1

I snapped the last picture and glanced down just as the base of the tree burst into flames.

There are a lot of reasons to wear flame-resistant clothing. In my line of work, unfortunately, it is often because the tree I'm sitting in catches fire. Well, maybe that's not exactly true; it isn't like it spontaneously combusts or anything. It's generally set on fire. Generally by the people I'm trying to photograph. Generally.

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