Selena’s First Professor

~K. Lyn~

Beau to Belle Erotic Romance

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Included in: Selena’s First Professor

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Selena’s First Professor



Selena is new to college, though in her mid twenties she is a little older than the traditional college freshman. Selena is beautiful and sensuous, and receives a great deal of attention from the young men in her class. The young men in her class are not the only admirers of Selena, however. When the course becomes difficult, Selena seeks assistance from the one man who can best offer her what she needs. Controlling his desire for the one woman who is forbidden to him may be the greatest challenge of this man’s career.

Selena’s First Professor:

Selena Watson definitely stood out from the crowd in Professor Kurt’s class of over two hundred, mostly first-year college students. To be politically correct, Selena was what the university called a “non-traditional” student, meaning that she was not eighteen or nineteen like the traditional freshman. Selena was a little older, but not that much older, or so Professor Kurt had guessed. Professor Kurt had guessed Selena to be in her mid twenties, but he could have been wrong, very wrong. From his class roster, what little he did know about Selena was that she was attending classes only part-time, but that didn’t necessarily set her apart from any other student these days.

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