Far Travels

The Gracchian Adventures, Book One

Published by Kristi Seibert at Smashwords, January 2011

Copyright 2007 Kristi Seibert


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Chapter 1

Nigel Wooster's Basement


Like many geniuses, Nigel Wooster lived in his own little world, not paying a great deal of attention to events outside his own sphere of knowledge. Still, when an alien from a far planet made a sudden appearance in his basement one hot and steamy Nebraska night, even Nigel took notice.

The basement was the coolest place in the old farmhouse, built long before the era of air conditioning and never modernized. Much of the basement was what used to be called a root cellar, lined with shelves to store apples, carrots and rutabagas over the dark winter, but there was also a roomy storage area with stairs that ascended to the back yard. This area was where Nigel had his chalkboards and massively powerful computer. The old-fashioned chalkboard next to an amazingly powerful computer might have seemed strange to some, but Nigel knew that the only truly important tool in that storage room was his own brain, and whatever helped it to function better, from the primitive to the modern, was what he would use.

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