The Tale of the Mogollon Ghost Tribe

By H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2013 H. Jason Schulz

Smashwords Edition

All Rights Reserved

One summer the boys of scout troop 950 planned a hike through the Tonto National Forest along the Mogollon Rim. They spent a week planning and gathering the equipment and also the supplies needed. By Friday evening they were on the road toward Rim country. Before long they had arrived at the planned site for their camp. They pitched their tents and began making the evening meal – hot dogs and chips.

During the meal they talked about the next day and the hike that would take them right up to the rim so that they could look out across the valley below. One of the scout leaders told them of the ancient Mogollon people that used to wander these hills - That this civilization spread out through the land and that there are many ruins of this ancient Apache people that could still be seen. What ever happened to these ancient people no one knew, other than the fact that they disappeared somehow or some where.

As the night wore on, the boys took it in turns telling stories about this and that and before long all were off to bed. The night was cool and calm and soon the sun broke out over the horizon and the camp was soon astir. Breakfast came and went and the troop gathered their equipment for the hike.

All was in readiness and then they set out. The hike was to be 20 miles along the rim, ten out and ten back. The hike went well going out, but coming back the weather unexpectedly turned bad. A fast storm moved in and almost instantly the trail was enveloped in thick fog.

As a result of the fog, some of the boys missed a turn in the trail and became lost in the forest. They walked for about a mile before realizing that they were no longer behind the others. They stopped and listened for a while but couldn't hear anyone. They called out but heard no reply. After talking the matter over they decided that they knew where the camp was and resolved to continue walking.

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