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The Engle: An Accidental Bond

Penelope Mills Parker

Published by Parker, Penelope at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Penelope Parker Orr

Chapter 1: prologue

Alex pushed up on all fours and started crawling. With each movement new pain seared through her, but she knew worse waited for her if she didn't get moving.

She had just hit the edge of the forest when she heard the front door of the Villa bang open.

"It's no use trying to escape Alex. You're leaving a trail of blood. I can find you by smell alone, “Sylus called.

Alex kept moving.

If she could just stay ahead of him long enough for Collin to get there. She worked her way under the thick brush at the woods edge, scooted past a fallen tree, and crawled into a streambed. There wasn't much water, but enough so that she could submerge herself in the water and get her weight off her legs.

The water turned pink as she began to push herself downstream. She kept moving, letting the current help her to move faster and hoping that the water would cover her the smell of her blood. Around a bend was a series of overhanging rocks where the water had cut the soil away from under them. Alex paddled across the channel and pulled herself into the shadowed hollow under one of the rocks. The water came almost level to the bottom edge of the rock, but the river had gouged a curve in the underside, allowing her just enough room to get her nose and mouth above water.

She wedged her good leg between two rocks to keep herself from being pulled down stream. The good thing about being in a stream in the fall was that the water was pretty cold and she could no longer feel the pain in her leg. The bad thing about being in the stream in the fall was that she couldn't feel anything else that was submerged either.

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