The Value of Life

Andy Crowson

Copyright 2005 Andy Crowson

Smashwords Edition 2011

The Value of Life

Chapter 1: K

The rain 'thunked' hollowly on the van roof: it would have made K drowsy if it hadn't been so cold. K had been waiting nearby for an hour now. He wasn't exactly scared as such, but he was nervous and the butterflies in his stomach didn't help.

He poured the last of the coffee from the thermos and sipped it. He had done this so many times in his head, on paper, in his dreams; he knew the whole plan back to front. It was just taking the first step that was hard. Up till this moment it had all been planning, now it was action. The alarm on his mobile phone activated and started vibrating in his hand but he didn't need it, he'd been looking at it. He knew he still had at least ten minutes before the kids made their way across the recreation ground and through the broken fence into Brighton Road. Then only one of the children would cross the street, turn right into Eastbourne Road and let himself into the ninth house in a street of poor quality, semi detached houses, with his own key.

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