Three Brides And One Guy


Cindy May

A “Cotcote Chronicles” Story

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Cindy May

As far as Tarasov was concerned, any secretary was ‘Biz Complexov’, without complexes. In other words, sex with her boss was a compulsory part of her duties.


Natasha gave a winning smile to the guard and stood close enough for him to look down her cleavage.

‘Prevyet, our papa is a driver. Mama sent us with some food for him. Let us in please.’

‘What’s the licence number of his vehicle.’

Natasha shrugged her shoulders, giving the guard a nice view of her young tits wobbling.

‘Mama knows. She usually comes here, but she forgot to tell me.’

‘No papers, and if you don’t know the truck, I can’t let you in, Devochka - Girl.

Natasha put her hand on the guards arm.

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