Inside Looking Out: The Compiled Book of Volumes 1-3 of Outside Looking In Series

Volume 1- 3

By Kirk Posadas

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SmashWords Edition.

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Volume 1


This book is a collection of the author’s take on everyday life. It talks about his everyday experiences and how it changes or affects his life bit by bit. The collection of anecdotes, poems and even opinions can help you in any way it can. It can make you feel angered, emotional or even happy. After all, life is all about emotions, it can change according to what is actually happening to you.

This book is arranged by type of emotion-but as you read along, you can truly feel the progression of his life. This is neither trivial nor fictional, but it intends to be semi-autobiographical as it is reality-based with some hints of real situations.

Move on to the pages and see how it can change or affect you life by going outside, and looking in…

The Cross-roads

There are times that a man will encounter the so-called "crossroads" on a time in his life; a crossroad in which taking a path over the other means that the path that wasn't chosen will never come again. In choosing the right path, one must have to think very deeply in order to choose the best path. Some ask for suggestions to others in choosing the right one. But the best would be asking the "man" up there and ask for guidance in choosing the best path. And to complicate things, He gave us the freedom to choose for ourselves and allow it to happen-even if it could destroy our lives. but I guess if we could go deeply and look at the signs, we could see the brightest path on that crossroad, the road that has the brightest lights, the lively environment...we could see it if we really look on it...

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