Daughters of Absence

Transforming a Legacy of Loss

Mindy Weisel, Editor
Dream of Things

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Dream of Things
Downers Grove, Illinois USA

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First Dream of Things Edition, December 2012
Originally published by Capital Books, Inc., in 2002

Who can return the violated honor of the self? I cannot claim that art is all powerful magic, or pure faith, but one virtue cannot be denied it: its loyalty to the individual, its devotion to his suffering and fears, and the bit of light which occasionally sparkles within him …”

Aharon Appelfeld,
Beyond Despair

Sensitivity to separation, feelings of mourning and guilt, the desire to protect their parents and suffering people in general, are common threads running through the fabric of the lives of survivors’ children. They share feelings of excessive anxiety, bereavement, over-expectation and over-protection.”

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