To All Humans--

May we awaken to true gold.








About the Authors


Simone--The intense love I have for nature and all things wild is a constant presence in my life. It nudges me to express, share, and be unashamed to confess my passion for the Divine expressed through Nature. With love so deep for life that is profoundly sacred, grief and sadness have driven me to despair with the 'profit at any cost' mentality driving world economies. But the still, quiet presence within my depths whispers words to encourage me to celebrate beauty even amid destruction and seemingly endless assaults on this magnificent planet.

The words of Hafiz bring comfort. This well-loved, fourteenth-century Persian poet saw the manifestation of God through Nature and humanity. His words, as translated by my friend Thomas Rain Crowe, reach out to comfort and remind me that to love is Divine, to see God in all of creation is in itself an act of worship. Sacred Marriage with the Divine through Nature is the one significant goal in my life. Everything else comes together because of this single-minded focus.

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