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A Mate for the Capo (Mafia Werewolf Shifter Erotic Romance)

Published by Adriana Rossi at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Adriana Rossi

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* * *

I’m cleaning my gun, thinking about that cocksucker I just whacked bleeding in the trunk of my car. Piece of shit tried to jump me while I was walking home. I shot his ass, and then I shoved him in my Mercedes. I think he’s from the Trillo family; those wolves have had a hard-on for me ever since I fucked up their card game on L street.

Christ, I could really use some pussy. Channeling all that stress into fucking always make me feel better. It’s the full moon and my cock is hard enough to pound nails. Maybe I’ll go to the strip joint. I need to get my dick wet, and pounding one of the cumsluts there might be just what I need.

A noise in the kitchen. Someone is there.

I grab my almost clean pistol and walk towards the kitchen as silently as possible. I use my nose, inhaling the scent of something slight and wily. There’s a shifter in my house—not a wolf like me. I’m ready to whip around and waste the fucker. I cock the pistol and jump into my kitchen, aiming where I heard the noise rustling. I see a blonde head ducking from my wide-open kitchen window just as I squeeze off a shot and miss, destroying the kitchen tiles I just redid.

As I run out to the fire escape, I see the little bastard running down the stairs with something under his arm. I aim down and shoot, sparks flying into the night air as I try to shoot this asshole, but it’s too hard of a shot. Her long, blonde hair fans out behind her as she grasps the stairwell and leaps over it. She flies down and down until she lands on her feet, as graceful as a cat.

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