Wendy Reese

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To all my teachers…especially those that are also my students/clients and to all those who thirst for knowledge and balance.


Hindsight is brilliant. I never meant to be a yoga teacher. Yoga chose me. Four years into teaching, I ended a relationship that started not longer before my yoga career. I spent the following year after that break-up believing that I had wasted four years in that relationship. Then one day, I realized that had it not been for that relationship, I would not have come to Phoenix; become a yoga teacher; met my best friend (more accurately pseudo mom/psychically connected soul sister); realized and gone for my dreams; traveled to India, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, New York, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Washington DC, California, New Mexico, and Nepal; made friends all over the world; and seen how yoga is lived off the mat. It was, and is, synchronicity driving an ordinary woman into an extraordinary life.

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