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Gülen’s Dialogue on Education: A Caravanserai of Ideas

Tom Gage, PhD

© Tom Gage, PhD 2014

Published by Cune Press at Smashwords

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In a most engaging narrative style, Professor Tom Gage portrays eight modern educators and the development of their theories viewed from personal, cultural, and historical perspectives. He links their ideas to those of Fethullah Gülen, a highly influential educator of today who draws on an entirely different tradition.

Open-minded, yet with strong commitments of his own, Gage ably transcends cultural barriers to compare Gülen and educators of the western ‘canon.’ The result is to reduce the potential for alienation between practitioners of different traditions and to increase the likelihood of fruitful cooperation.

Tom Gage’s balanced, well-structured, and immensely readable account comprises a thorough scholarly contribution to culture, education, community service, and resources for global understanding and peaceful coexistence.

— Muhammed Cetin, PhD is the author of

The Gülen Movement: Civic Service without Borders and Hizmet: Questions and Answers on the Hizmet Movement

This sweeping work reminds us of the achievements of the West’s great educational thinkers and connects them to Gülen’s ideas and accomplishments that have arisen in the east and have spread throughout the world.

— Dr Paul M. Rogers

George Mason University

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