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When My Guitar Gently Screams

By Robert G. Moons

Copyright 2013 Robert G. Moons

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Smashwords Edition


I got the Devil in my closet, and the wolf is at my door.
– John Campbell


Nathan, a tall and lanky, twenty-three-year-old, aspiring guitarist was finishing off his solo. He shook his mop of black hair, which contrasted his pale skin as he rocked out on the last few musical bars. He finished with his favourite riff and ended with a fading power chord. When silence returned to the small stage, he looked up with anxious, green eyes.

“Sorry, dude, you’re not what we’re looking for at this time,” said the emotionless voice from the guy whose name Nathan couldn’t remember. He was the lead singer of the band and the final word. That was all he needed to know. Nathan was tempted to argue his case, but decided to save himself any further humiliation.

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