A Rough Double Team Short
by Jane Kemp
All rights reserved copyright 2012 by Naughty Daydreams Press

Smashwords Edition

Kenna knew she was going to get pulled over the moment she passed the patrol car. She’d blown by them going about ninety miles per hour. It wasn’t easy to be running from work to school and trying to make it on time to everything. It really didn’t seem fair that she should be punished for being busy.

Sure enough, she heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights. Sighing, she pulled over to the side of the road as soon as it was safe. The patrol car pulled right up behind her and then, after a few long minutes, during which Kenna cursed her fate, the officer finally stepped from the car. He was a big guy and Kenna watched him approach with a mix of dread and awe. If she hadn’t been on the other side of getting a ticket, she would have found him very attractive. His square jaw and blonde hair gave him a cowboy look. She couldn’t see his eyes since they were hidden behind dark glasses, but he definitely was finely sculpted. Kenna shook her head. She didn’t give a flip about that, not when she was about to get a ticket.

Then, a strange thing happened. Another patrol car came up and parked behind the first. She saw it settle in and her jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe it. What had she done? Stolen a car? Kidnapped a baby? She had only been speeding, for God’s sake.

The trooper approached her door and bent down to look in at her through her window. “Good evening, ma’am, if I could get your registration, insurance and license, please.”

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