By Kristina Landry

Evelyn lived in a one-story house that was yellow with white trim. It was a very cozy looking house. During the summer there was always flowers planted around the yard and in the winter there were those little light up reindeer that move back in forth like they are flying but never moved anywhere. The house seemed to be decorated for every single season and holiday. In Evelyn’s family there was two pet dogs and two pet cats, a mom, a dad, and a younger brother. Her family did a lot of activities together and was very close to each other. Evelyn described her home as a place she could go when no one wanted her or cared about her and know that she could be safe and loved. For the first ten years of Evelyn’s life were very difficult for her. She always felt like something was wrong with her. She also had many problems that made her life harder to live than most girls her age. At school she never fit and was teased.

Evelyn was a very smart for her age; she had long strait brown hair, ice blue eyes, and was short. On Evelyn’s tenth birthday she was told that she was adopted. She was shocked that her “parents” never told her that she not blood related with them. After Evelyn went to her room, she started felling angry with her adoptive parents. She could not get the thought out of her head that someone abandoned her and left her to fend for herself. Evelyn decided that she needed to get away for a little while so she could think. She thought the best plan was to run away. On the dark streets of San Diego, California, people were looking are her while she was looking for a place to stay, but she just kept on walking not looking at them. Trying to find a place to stay for a ten year old without any parents sounded impossible to Evelyn. After Evelyn asked fifteen people if she could stay there for the night without any luck, she decided that sleeping on the beach would be a refreshing change. When she finally made it to the beach, she was absolutely exhausted.

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