Melodie’s Secret Book of the Fey, Charms and Spells

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Dedication: To Melodie’s Otherworld

I am introducing a book, Melodie’s book, transcribed by me from her words, beliefs and spells. It is a book formulated by, to my mind, the most delicate, gentle woman on the planet. The most humble (in every sense of the word) self-sacrificing, and understanding (if not, forgiving) woman I have ever met, or could wish for. She is the essence of humility, love, and light to me. If you knew her, you would know. People from all walks of life have asked me, “What does she see in you?” I always answer…”I do not know, but I am eternally grateful that she does!” If she believes in the fey, who am I to argue? After all, I cannot disprove, so QED from her point of view, she has an awesome argument! And as mere man, I am not about to challenge her logic!

My poem to Melodie: A woman of Substance

She has a heart of gold

A spirit both gentle and bold

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