The Twelfth Night Wager

A Christmas Novella


Regan Walker

Copyright 2013 Regan Walker
Smashwords Edition

“A handsome rake, a virtuous widow, and a scandalous holiday wager. I loved the chase!”

—Nationally Bestselling Author and RITA Award–winner Kaki Warner


Eustace slowed the horses and guided the phaeton to the side of the path. Holding the reins in one hand, he turned to face to her. His eyes seemed to glow in the dim light.

“I never would have thought the serene Lady Leisterfield would be so stimulated by a ride in the park. You are flushed and your eyes bright. I do think you enjoyed our dash through the Row.”

“Yes, I quite liked it,” Grace said, breathless. “Though you must admit, the ride was more like a race.”

He looked at her lips and then her neck. “I can see your pulse jumping. Perhaps you like to race as much as I do.”

Grace wondered if he was still speaking of horses or something else. Her heart sped as he leaned toward her and brushed his lips across hers. After only a moment, she pulled back.

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