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The Virgin Sky


Adi Khan

Copyright 2013 Adi Khan

Smashwords Edition

The Sky

What is so magical about the sky above us? Is it her grand vastness that creates the fear among us, or is it an infinite sadness that showers a sphere that surrounds us? The cry of her wail seldom reaches our core and yet when it does, its sigh penetrates through our every pore. On this earth we stand today, millions have come and many more have gone, how many have looked at her and thought, she is still young and yet completely alone. We gaze at her deeply only twice in our lifetime, once when we are truly in the grip of fear, the other when we wish the clouds from above to sprinkle after they tear. Why is it that we don’t seem to care? Is it not her air we wish truly was all that we had to wear? What of the innocent drops from her lair, are they not what most ask for in every prayer? Is it so that we see beauty only in ourselves and we wish not that a little of it we must with her, share? This day, a young girl’s heart has asked of its self these questions, deep from within her heart have arisen radical decisions and in a few moments they have decided her life’s intentions. As she gazes out of the giant windows before her eyes, Sarah cries out to a deep blue sea, “it is only within your mist that I can truly be free, only in the warmth of your thousand sun’s will I find my soul’s key and only in the depths of your songs can I become one with each moment to simply be.” “Can you swim, young one”, the voice of a fairy glides to her from deep within the waves? I cannot truly, yet I shall find a boat and be within you shortly” she replies. These are the times that are so vital in our lives, they come suddenly and without warning, soon they become our spiritual guides taking us with them to places unknown and mysterious, yet only from the new and daunting arise the most profound experiences. A young girl then stands this day in the presence of such a moment, it whispers to her that she must soon enter new and difficult worlds, face forbidding horizons, and break insurmountable boundaries, this is a voice tells her a critical juncture in her journey through both space and time. After this moment neither time nor space shall remain the same and thunderous waves of the oceans a young girl shall have to tame. She closes her eyes and her sight turns inwards to a thousand thoughts that slide downwards to embrace a shimmering of feelings present deep inside her heart. Both dance in this ecstasy of joy and form with each other, a bond of love. Soon from within, a true and pure innocence is born; it travels through the length of her body until it arrives at her eyes. Here it declares, to survive I must make way and leave you with my caress on your face and in the arms of your sighs.

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