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How to Photograph Ranthambore, India

Don Mammoser

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How to Photograph Ranthambore National Park, India

Don Mammoser

Ranthambore is India's premier, and most famous, national park. The possibility of seeing and photographing a Bengal Tiger in the wild is what draws most visitors here. But there's much more than tigers in Ranthambore. There are nature scenes of untouched Indian forest and desolate scrub-brush wilderness. There are over 270 species of birds, a seemingly endless list of large mammals, impressive crocodiles, other reptiles, and much more within the protected area. Also inside the park and absolutely worth spending some time at, is the tenth-century Ranthambore Fort, a place where Indians, tourists, and friendly Langur Monkeys interact in a never-ending opportunity for spectacular photography. Ready your camera!

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