Gerry Stahl’s assembled texts volume #8

Essays in Personalizable Software

Gerry Stahl

Gerry Stahl

Copyright © 2011 by Gerry Stahl

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Printed in the USA

ISBN: 978-1-329-85913-5 (ebook)

ISBN 978-1-329-85917-3 (paperback)

Gerry Stahl's Assembled Texts

  • Marx and Heidegger

  • Tacit and Explicit Understanding in Computer Support

  • Group Cognition

  • Studying Virtual Math Teams

  • Translating Euclid

  • Constructing Dynamic Triangles Together

  • Essays in Social Philosophy

  • Essays in Personalizable Software

  • Essays in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

  • Essays in Group-Cognitive Science

  • Essays in Philosophy of Group Cognition

  • Essays in Online Mathematics Interaction

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