The Day The Earth Died

By Troy Dennison

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Copyright 2010 Troy Dennison

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For everyone from the good old days at Twilight's Resurrection - I miss you guys.

I was there the day the Earth died.

Even though it was inevitable we still prayed that it wouldn’t happen. As the skies turned to fire we cried out for a miracle. Right up to the very end when the grey clouds of death slowly suffocated our home world we hoped against hope that the scientists who had foreseen this were wrong. We waited for God in his infinite compassion and mercy to reach out his hand and offer us salvation; but it never came. In the end the destruction of the Earth was as inevitable as the sunrise that our devastated planet would not witness again for countless millennia.

You would have thought that the planet killing instrument of destruction would have had some sort of Old Testament name like Oblivion or Defiler, but it was simply called Shuster-379. The comet that brought life on Earth to an end was discovered by chance by an amateur astronomer called Anthony Schuster some twenty five months earlier. It sparked a storm of controversy that a six kilometre chunk of snow and ice had slipped through the Kuiper Belt and past Sky-watch, the multi-billion dollar deep-space debris detection system that had been designed to spot exactly this sort of thing.

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