an erotic short by
Debbie Brownstone

Smashwords Edition
all rights reserved copyright 2013 by Naughty Daydreams Press

Rachel ran her hands over the strings and thought that it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She had wanted to learn to play guitar since she was five years old and heard bluegrass music on the radio. At first, the banjo had captivated her but lessons for that hadn’t stuck and she had moved on to other interests as she had grown older, leaving behind a debris field of dropped hobbies and abandoned dreams.

Now, though, at twenty-three, she was ready to think about those dreams again. It had actually been her friend, Caitlin’s, idea that she choose a hobby or learn a new skill. It was meant to help her forget the jerk that had made her miserable when he had abruptly left her for his psychology professor. As she stood in the music store, though, looking over the various guitars hanging on the wall or sitting on the floor on display, she felt the old thrill she had felt when she was little.

Can I help you with something?” She hadn’t seen the sales guy approach, but there he was, waiting to make her dream a reality.

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