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Part Two in the Narrative of John of Origin

Ian Kraft

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Ian Kraft

Close your eyes for a minute and don’t think about the way things normally happen because if you do, you’ll miss what’s really happening.

Convincing someone of their state of mind is much easier to do when you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to be. I think that that’s the lesson in it all.

I heard an afflicted scream rise from the city below that sounded like the wavering, high-pitched call of a distressed cub. Running from my fortress, I sprinted towards the railing of the balcony and dove over it, taking off into flight. My deep orange cape rippled in the wind as I burst into the sky, rocketing through the clouds like a projectile. I felt the pressure of the airstream beat against my blue uniform and as it struck me, so did a phrase, “The fledgling steers the starboard sail.” Thinking this a most apt phrase, I tucked it away and soared on through the city towards the source of the cry for help.

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