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Fractal Delight

by Kevin Dwyer

Published by Kevin Dwyer at Smashwords

Copyright Kevin Dwyer 2013

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Table of Contents

Introduction (followed by artwork)

Summary / Contact Details


Fractal Delight e-book is a short collection of images for enjoyment on a tablet. I like to make videos now and then so these are often my preparations where I’ll play with colours and shapes until something pulls itself together. The fractals quite fascinate me, to look at something and have no idea what I’m looking at. With my filming I’ve never had to worry about a plot, it just seems to manifest. I’d interview the musicians sometimes and the dialogues are just so diverse, no script required. Mostly I’d filmed the indie music scene in the UK. The bands and I would just get together and make videos; no finance involved just their obsession for getting their art right and my technical talents for filming and then editing.

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