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The fractals, and the fractal videos are somehow, in my own artwork are continuation of a ‘stream of consciousness’ mind scape that was part of the late sixties and early seventies creative movement, aided by LSD. The fractals, as still frames and especially as a flow of say a thousand or so individual images produce, I’d say, an effect that is similar. However, with a consciousness unhindered by narcotics (or alcohol) the weirdness of life can become profound, perhaps an appreciation.

I’ve made the pictures landscape to fit, which suits a tablet sideways. About 25 pictures run in sequence. Smashwords have a PDF download option and the PDF’s can then be rotated to view the images the right way up on the PC. Hopefully this suits everyone but if not for some reason or other then get in touch. Contact details, free videos, Fractal Delight DVD and other books at the end. Kd.

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