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The Ayatollah's Money

By Richard Dorrance

Copyright 2013 Richard Dorrance

Smashwords Edition

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The Charleston Library Society.

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Chapter 1 – To Do It, or Not to Do It

Laleh hovered the mouse pointer over the Send button, and felt fear. She knew this decision was the most serious of her thirty-five years on earth. She had devoted much of her energy and intelligence over the last ten years preparing for this moment, and now it was here. If she hit the Send button, her life would change dramatically. If she didn’t, it would remain the same. She wasn’t sure if it would change for the better or the worse, but she knew it would change.

She closed her eyes, stopped her thinking, and let her intuition come to the front. It didn’t take long to speak to her, and when it did, she trusted it. Her finger descended to the mouse button and clicked. The pointer on the screen changed shape, the computer received the signal, and at the speed of light it transmitted a data pulse through the internet to the Central Bank of Tehran. There ! It was done. Her life now was different. No longer was she Iranian, but was something and someone different. She didn’t know what or who, but she was ready for the transformation.

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