Parasite Girls

Tory Gates

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All material is written by the author, except the quoted lyrics to:

“Let Love Get Away,” written and performed by Carmen Yates; BMI/Dampcellar Music.

“The Bluest Blues,” written and performed by Alvin Lee; Space Songs/Warner Chappell.

Cover art “Warpaint” by Mitchell Davidson Bentley, ©2013. Used under contract, all other rights reserved.

Cover design by Atomic Fly Studios.


--This book could not have made it to your hands without a lot of help, encouragement and the occasional figurative kick in the ass.

--To Alice Potteiger, my friend, editor, consultant, web fixer, graphic designer and Jill-of-all-trades, you have put up with me for longer than most, and I love you for it.

--To Mitch Bentley of Atomic Fly Studios, for your wonderful cover design (“Warpaint”), senses of humor and place.

--To Christie Stratos of Proof Positive for her sharp eyes, encouragement and positive outlook.

--To my musical friends and colleagues who allowed me to use their lyrics, my thanks.

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