Sophie & Maureen

by Lizbeth Dusseau

ISBN 10: 0-9753909-5-3

A Pink Flamingo Media Ebook

Copyright ©2016 by Lizbeth Dusseau

Original Copyright © 1999, All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Spring arrived at the end of February in San Francisco. It came with the first warm, thigh-tickling breeze, with the aroma of fresh grass and burgeoning leaves and new blossoms. It brought with it reborn lust to stir the veins and the remembrance of things past. It was that way for Sophie Russo, who jogged the steep city block. This was a regular practice, parking her old VW at the bottom of the hill and racing to the top, breathless by the time she reached the wrought-iron gate in front of Martin Scoffield’s studio. The practice had its purpose, clearing out the cobwebs from her reluctant but beautiful body, making her head light, her heart beat rapidly and her pale cheeks flush. Body purified, head purged of grief, she would expel a sensuous breath of air, her lissome body looking as though it was happily collected and ready to work.

Sophie viewed that unsullied neighborhood with a degree of admiration, pondering how anything subject to the wind and the grime of a city could remain so beautifully unscathed. Victorian row houses lined the streets as far as her eye could see in all directions. Like pastel chocolates, the sculpted exteriors were painted in diminished shades of white and cream, trimmed with grey, blue, pink and sometimes tan. Occasionally now, there were highlights in the scrollwork, contrasting shades of navy, green and burgundy. One mutinous neighbor had painted their starched Victorian in vibrant shades of pink, mauve and cranberry, totally forgetting the proper decorum requisite in this sparkling community. The oddity made Sophie smile. She loved every minute on these unsoiled streets and the way they made her feel washed clean. She could admire this perfect neighborhood, but she could never live here comfortably. Her life needed its tarnished places since she was certainly a tarnished woman.

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