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10.) Educational Purpose

11.) Qualities of a Teacher


Rudyard Kipling is reported to have said:

"Words are the most powerful drugs used by mankind.”

If he is correct, then education and learning are complex modes of delivery for introducing such mind- and soul-altering entities into people of all ages ... modalities which both affect the efficacy of such drugs, and, as well, are affected by them.


‘Paradigm Shift’


Like the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, this section of the current essay helps frame the remainder of the present document. In other words, this preamble establishes the set of principles through which Reflections on Education and  Learning might be best engaged or most fruitfully approached.

For example, the reader should understand that because this is an extended essay and not a lengthy book, there are many facets of the following material that are set forth in a somewhat compressed form, rather than in a fully delineated manner. Although I believe there are enough details inherent in this extended essay to provide an understandable map of the conceptual terrain which this paper outlines, there are many issues that could have been developed more expansively in the present essay that have been left for another day and another discussion (A further extension of these ideas should, hopefully, be completed sometime in late summer of 2009).

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