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Zaftan Entrepreneurs:

Prepare to fly through a sci-fi world filled with slimy Zaftans, clever Yuks, a perky Pink Dragon Puppy, and many other colorful characters. Hank Quense's creativity is limitless! This story is filled with action, romance, and Quense's trademark unique, satirical wit. You will laugh out loud at lines such as, "Dwarf romance was fraught with peril because both males and females had beards." Hank Quense has painted yet another vibrant world of fun and fantasy that will entice and entertain any reader who values his artistic gift. Lynn Coyle

Besides adventure with a bit of romance and comic relief thrown in, the story contains a great deal of satire that will resonate with modern readers. The alien leader is depicted as a greedy corporate executive, ruthlessly seeking to increase profits. Most of the politicians are either incompetent or only interested in gaining more power while ignoring the country's problems.

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