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After reading Tales From Gundarland, I thought Author Hank Quense was all out of imagination but, he seems to have an imagination that is non-stop. I have no idea as to where he comes up with some of his descriptions of his characters. Zaftans are huge squid-like creatures with nasty dispositions. A pink dragon pup (accidentally generated by an unknown magical process) runs around the Presidential Palace. Nut-busters are dwarf warriors armed with a two-foot long helmet spike. Other unusual characters are too many to list.

Hank Quense is full of funny stories! As I said when I read Tales From Gundarland, this book would make a wonderful series of movies. Martha Cheves:

Zaftan Entrepreneurs by Hank Quense is Book 1 of the new series Zaftan Trilogy. Hank is a well known author of science fiction. I have reviewed several other books for him and I think this is by far his best. Zaftan Entrepreneurs is not your usual science fiction read. Hank has taken the genre to a new level.

Hank Quense adds more than a dab of humor to this book and a great deal of insight into the workings of the bureaucrats. I'm sure I have not done justice to this book. It is impossible to describe the antics going on from each side of the situation. This is a must read book. You'll be glad you did. Five Stars--Readers Favorite

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