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by Kara Lockley

Second Edition

Copyright 2015 by Kara Lockley

All rights reserved.

Book Description:

Lily had almost everything she ever wanted. Good friends, a nice house, a thriving career. The only thing missing was love. Until she started dreaming of a carefree romance every night. Her dreams were so vivid they made her doubt her sanity. Was too much time at the office forcing her stressed-out mind to create a retreat at night? Or were her dreams somehow... real?

Chapter 1

Lily tumbled into her house at about 9 p.m. She was just getting home from work. There was something different about this day, though. It was her first night in a new house.

She ran her own business, interior decorating. It had taken her years of hard work to build it up and make it really thriving and profitable, but she'd done it. Now she could finally afford to enjoy some of the things she'd always longed for. She had just finished building her dream house.

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