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ISBN: 9781458065742

Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Richard Ham

whose love of science and the Colorado wilderness will always be a source of inspiration to us. A tenured biology professor at the University of Colorado for over 40 years, his knowledge of genetics was rivaled only by his understanding of Colorado's rich frontier history and back country trials. Despite being a notably successful stock market investor, he considered his greatest monetary investment to be a lifetime pass to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Chapter 1

Liv lifted a stack of menus off the counter and watched the group stumble from the limo into the diner. There were eight of them. Five she'd known since high school, three were strangers. All were drunk. "Someone’s gonna end up on the floor bleeding," she groaned to no one in particular. Stray flecks of glitter, left behind by women with names like Candy, sparkled in the fluorescent lighting. The scene always ended the same way.

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