The Mark of a Druid

Rhonda R Carpenter

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2008 by Rhonda R Carpenter

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ISBN: 978-0-595-52336-8 (pbk)


ISBN: 978-0-595-62392-1 (ebk)

Dedicated to all the angels on earth and those who are beyond our gaze, because they hear our desires and come to our aid--expecting nothing, they pour light into the dark spaces of our souls and show us the way. When blessed pay it forward and you shall remain blessed.


To my forum, this book would not have happened without your encouragement; you know who you are. To my husband, sons, and Amie who believed in me totally, Arlene for holding my hand, to my soul sisters, the three R's, and finally to Rod, Janet, my Mom, and Ashley D. Kuhre editor extraordinaire thank you is not enough, so I offer my eternal gratitude. Cover Art graciously provided by Amie Perry-Reavis 2008.

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