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It had gotten to the point recently that Don felt weird going to the gym that he had joined now that middle age was fast approaching. He had always kept himself in fairly good shape, but that didn’t mean anything. Gay men weren’t the only men who cared about their looks. That was a typical stereotype. Don liked to look good, and he liked to feel good about himself. But now, whenever he was in the locker room at the gym he would stare at the various guys as they undressed or after they had stepped out of the shower, when their bodies were sprinkled with water drops, their dripping tools hanging. Some of the men’s cocks were soft, some were semi-solid, but some guys stepped out of the shower with rock hard erections. When Don noticed one of those guys, it was all that he could do to keep himself from running over to him and grabbing the man’s hard tool that was dripping with warm water and stuffing it into his mouth.

Don’s obsession with guys, or with cocks anyway, began when he was off work a few months ago with a work related injury. With nothing to do all day, Don had started surfing the Net. It wasn’t difficult to stumble upon a porn site. They were everywhere. Then he happened to stumble upon a gay porn site and he watched it for awhile out of curiosity. Then he watched it for awhile longer. He seemed to be drawn to it. It was the first time that Don had watched two guys together like that, and it made him hard.

Don would lean back, make himself comfortable, and jack off while he watched the men on the screen. It was not at all unusual for Don to get hard again almost immediately after he had shot a good sized load, which was something he had never done before, or at least not since he was a teenaged boy, but he had no trouble getting a full hard-on again and again when he was watching men-on-men action. He would start watching porn earlier and earlier every day, and would watch it longer and longer with each passing day.

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