Itti Bitty Adventures

R. B. Jones

Published by zimplexio LLC at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by R.B. Jones

For Claudia, who inspired me to love literature, for Geoffrey, the kindest editor I’ve ever had, and for Spencer, the inspiration for Thomas and my favorite itti bitty.

Chapter 1. Crash Landing

The forest only looks empty. It’s really teeming with unseen things–almost invisible things that are chirping, humming, and bustling about. If you’re walking down a path and it feels like someone’s watching you and scurrying out of your way, you’re probably right. Itti bitties are like that.

Itti bitties look like soft furry balls the size of a pencil eraser. They’re covered in fur with all white tummies and mostly white faces, but the rest of their bodies are any color of the rainbow. Each one looks like they are wearing a different colored tight coat and hat all the time. They have short arms and legs and small, rounded ears like a mouse that poke up from their large, oval heads. Usually, they skitter across the ground like mice on two short legs tipped with tiny feet. And if they’re in a hurry, they tuck in their arms and legs, put their chins low on their chests, and roll like tiny bowling balls.

After the sun goes down, some sleepy itti bitties tumble into flowers that bloom during the day and close at night. Others climb into plants that have cupped or curved leaves that they can swing on like a hammock.

One particular summer morning, the itti bitties woke up to rumbling tummies. They climbed out of their favorite flower and slid down the soft spikes of monkey grass searching for some breakfast. The dew on the grass had only just dried. Birds were chirping and hopping from limb to limb on the pine trees that were shaking themselves awake for the day.

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