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The word was out. The Universe was abuzz with excitement and unprecedented activity. Every speculative rumor concerning the incredibly anticipated affair, whether previously dissected, disproved or rejected, was newly reexamined and duly posted on The Collective Conscience–regardless of any real merit. Countless worlds throughout the Cosmos saw their birthing populations come to abrupt standstills as unfathomable numbers of souls in the Higher Realms, from both sides of the spectrum, Light and Dark, put their activities on hold–to witness the imminent game of all games.

Two obscure worlds, located within an obscure planetary system, rotating around an obscure star, situated within the back spirals of an obscure lonely galaxy, were set yet again to become the main focal point for All Creation.

The first world, once a powerful beacon of goodness and light, had long since become the sad symbol of Heaven’s blackest, most infamous betrayal. After the unprecedented affair, the Holy Kingdom’s Eternal Glory seemed never quite the same. The Heavenly Family appeared unduly affected. The Boss and His 3 precious daughters had since become distant.

Had there truly been some sort of blame game that took place between them? As so many anonymous posts, suggested so often?

Those of a different persuasion perceived it as Lucifer’s most cunningly, loathsome, cruelest victory–ever. The planet had been so thoroughly obliterated by his diabolical scheme that it was deemed completely and forevermore, unrecoverable.

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