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I then started to shop around for tuition books and resources on the web to help me. I started to notice a pattern. The tuition books were all very prescriptive – you MUST do this, you MUST play this way. The internet resources were not much better, and whilst the ukulele community out there in cyberspace is a very friendly one, I struggled to find concise answers to basic questions. Sure, I could find a million sites to tell me how to play a G chord, or the chords to Daisy Daisy, but having been stung by a dodgy instrument I wanted to know more. It turns out there wasn't much out there directed at the absolute beginner. At those people thinking about buying just to give it a go. So it crossed my mind, what percentage of those new players will take the route I took and buy a terrible instrument and become totally disillusioned with the uke? I figured a high percentage.

So I put some effort into it, started to hone my ukulele playing skills, but this issue was still bugging me.

About a year ago I decided to bite the bullet and try to do something about it. I set up a blog called Got A Ukulele at The aim of the blog was simple – it was to be a place for absolute beginners to visit to get answers to the questions they really needed answering before they chose to buy. It was to be a place that was never going to preach that you MUST do this or that, and it would deal with the simple stuff that troubles and tests every new musical instrument player. The blog did really well and is still being run to this day.

As part of that blog development, I started to put together rough beginners guides in one place which became hugely popular. What you are reading now is an expanded collation of those beginners guides for reading wherever you may be. I have re-written many of the guides, and expanded them and hope this book provides just the resource, all in one place, that I so hoped to find when I started with the ukulele. I look upon my decision to play the ukulele as one of the best decisions I ever made. It is a happy instrument. I have never yet played it in public without people smiling and nodding in appreciation. It is a perfect 'pick me up' when I am down. It's a friend, it's a great way of killing time but it is also a challenge.

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