The End of Terrorism


Rakesh B. Sethi

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2009 Rakesh Sethi.

All Rights Reserved.

Chapter One

Crackberry Elections

In the frenzy of general elections, candidates have been busy vying for media attention. The outcome has been ever so slightly been manipulated by a sinister foreign hand. A calculated plan has been carried out, by a group of men, so bent to destroy the will of the people. A sliver of hope is alive when Fermi Wenn, a journalist for the Times figures out the plan.

Fermi is tired of routine high tech reporting. He is by training a law graduate from NU and is bored by the mundane world of tech buzz. He is not happy.

Election fever has gripped the world and is not only the talk of town in the boring papers of megapolis but has taken over the war rooms scattered over shanty towns far places that are the nesting grounds of fallen and leftovers. These nests are reorganizing with speed and frenzy and are concocting a potion so lethal that is set to destabilize the free world. These written off and discounted goondas of Mumbai , have a brilliant plan that is set to unfold at the eve of these elections. An accidental gathering of forces ever so small mixed with the infinite passion of these goondas, unleashes a string of killings that climb exponentially in weeks. The killers have taken the tide of high technology and turned it over selectively to eliminate the key players of the election.

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