Will the mobile wars shape the global theater completely and forever?

Sheri Govan was a housewife who had a passion for reading global newspapers especially American papers everyday. Sheri is not happy. She knew the presidential candidates and had her own view of what the candidacy should be.

Sheri was so convinced of the fact that the lives of billions of her countrymen depended on the outcome of the election. She was a teacher of computer arithmetic at a local college and spent all her day mired in the theorems and proofs and test and class work.

Her nights were sleepless and she was constantly on the web till the wee hours of the dawn. She was amused by the campaign and the trail of lies and deceit web that was being laid by all the candidates.

Atilla was homeless. Fifteen years old, despondent but not despaired he was constantly fascinated by the nature of mosquito’s and how they replicate. He slept by the railway tracks of Gurla. He was not happy.

Poor Atilla was endowed by rich imagination. He played imaginary games in which mosquitoes could be marked, trained and unleashed on unsuspecting people. He bred a special colony of mosquitoes and fed them a special liquid diet rich in phenyldehadrol.

These mosquito’s would go crazy after feeding on this liquid and dash for the passing trains and bite on some of these folks. Within hours the folks would develop blisters that bubbled the size of golf balls and starting oozing disgusting pus. Atilla would then read the papers the following week and see the epidemics unfold.

Never satisfied with these games he was bent on learning better and faster ways of mischief. Atilla met Sheri at a local sweet shop and Sheri offered him to come under her tutelage at school. Atilla with no particular motivation chose to dive into the world of education and did not like the snobbery of the local kids who ridiculed him as he told the stories of pet mosquitoes.

Atilla meets Trish outside a local call center. Trish is a software programmer by training and is doing part time work at the call center. Trish writes firmware for a cell phone company. Trish has tight timelines to deliver the code and has been doing it for a decade.

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