8. Crop biotechnology has been the fastest adopted innovation in agricultural history; growing from 1.7m Ha in 1996 to 170m Ha in 2012

9. Crop biotechnology has grown an additional 311.8 million tons more food per acre in the last 15 years (197)

10. Crop biotechnology has saved 109 million Ha of land from being ploughed. (198)

11. Net agricultural CO2 savings related to Biotechnology as related to climate change

⁃- From 1996 − 2007, biotech reduced CO2 emissions by 10.5 billion kgs

⁃- In 2011 alone, atmospheric CO2 emissions were reduced by 23 billion kgs

12. The next generation of GM crops will put the preceding facts to shame


By Science

National Academy of Science (NAS)

All evidence evaluated to date indicates that unexpected and unintended compositional changes arise with all forms of genetic modification, including genetic engineering. Whether such compositional changes result in unintended health effects is dependent upon the nature of the substances altered and the biological consequences of the compounds. To date, no adverse health effects attributed to genetic engineering have been documented in the human population.


European Commission (EC)

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