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TARDIS Eruditorum: An Unofficial Critical History of Doctor Who

Volume IV: Tom Baker and the Hinchcliffe Years

Philip Sandifer

Copyright 2013, Philip Sandifer

Published by Eruditorum Press

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved

Doctor Who, the TARDIS, and all related concepts are copyright BBC Worldwide, and are used under the principle of fair use

To Alex Reed, who I think of when I think of gothic horror.


First and foremost, to my wife, Jill Buratto, who puts up with me far more than is strictly speaking necessary.

Second, as ever, to James Taylor for the phenomenal cover art. And, in his debut acknowledgment, Chris O’Leary for his careful copyediting. Anything in the book that makes sense is to his credit, and anything that isn’t is probably because I mucked about with it.

And, of course, to the readers and commenters who have shaped the book’s development. I am phenomenally proud of the community that has formed around TARDIS Eruditorum, and profoundly grateful for their support.

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