Rose and the Enchanted Seven


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Rose and the Enchanted Seven

Table of Contents

Chapter I – The Kingdom

Chapter II- Despair and Darkness

Chapter III A hero

Author Biography Kimberly Batchelor Davis


Chapter 1In the land of Detroit, there was a beautiful, peaceful and happy kingdom, which held lush forests, historic villages and a gentle people that lay on the banks of the vast Detroit River. Detroiters near and far throughout the provinces lived in harmony with one another. The sacred power -- the essence of all living things --- bound all life together and kept peace in the kingdom. To the north, in the wild lands, an ever-present darkness hovered silently waiting for the opportunity to overtake the happy kingdom. At the heart of the monarchy the Manoogian Castle lay at the foot of the forest, which led to the banks of the Detroit River. The kingdom of Detroit and the forest were divided into four provinces: to the north Rosedale Park and to the west Palmer Woods anchored the kingdom. To the East, Indian Village and to the south East English Village bordered the kingdom and the wild lands of Belle Isle. These provinces were separate from the wild lands.

For a hundred years, Anahi entombed in a dark cave in the northern most part of the wild lands, the sorceress was trapped by a ring of fire banished from the kingdom. The evil sorceress banished because she conspired to bring the evil wild ones into the peaceful, tranquil territory of Detroit while she lurked in the deepest part of the wild lands. Her tangled mass of curly red hair, pale, wrinkled skin and withered body were worn from her never-ending struggle for freedom from her rock prison. A massive stone slab had been lodged against the entrance of her prison. She hungered for the outside world. Anahi lived off the essence of rodents or the life energy of an innocent soul. As the years crept by, rage swelled within her. She raised her arms in a futile effort to move the large rock, but it would not budge. Her weakened magic was useless.

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