My names Fulton Ridely but my friends call me Fuller. I was born after war of 2052. What's so interresting about this war is that it ended in a nuclear fallout. The world was almost completely wiped out.

The only people whom survived were the people who lived in caves and had nuclear shelters. I live in a small town called The North Quater. The world i live in is nothing like the world my ancestors lived in. We have to worry about radiation, bandits , the army and just about any other living thing.

This place is boring but we always find something to pass the time. Some of the other people find cooking and building to be a good way to pass time but I go out and scout out the land and explore.

There's not many people around. Theres a total of 13 people in my town. Sometimes a traveler will come through but they ussally dont stay long considering no one in my town is friendly if they dont know you.

It's a saturday morning. I wake up starring at the ceiling of my small tent. “Time to start a new day” I say. I grab my shirt and walk out of my tent. I breath in deep and cough “the airs getting worse". Ever since I can remember the air gradually gets worse and more dense.

I walk over to the town showers and get cleaned up before i start my day. I walk out and see one of my friends. "Hey Jake" i said. "Whats up Fuller, you heading out to explore"? "Yep im fixing to head out" i replied. "Alright see you later" said jake.

I walk back to my tent and grab my gun and hat. It is important to have a gun in this harsh environment because of all the bandits and animals that have mutated from all the radiation.

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